The putting lab at Indoor 18 was built to enable players to putt their absolute best!  With fittings, coaching, cutting edge technology, training aids, and equipment adjustments and repairs, our lab is here to improve your flat stick.  


Putter fittings are now available at Indoor 18.  Our putter fittings take around 45-60 minutes to complete. Using Capto data, we can find a head shape, hosel type, length, loft, lie, and grip that will complement your game the best.  Our fitting system includes PXG, Cleveland, and Evnroll putters currently and we are working to add more.  We are now also offering shaft fittings for putters for those interested in optimizing your current putter.  Shaft fittings take less time than full putter fittings with part of the fitting fee applied to the purchase of a new shaft.  We are currrently carrying BGT Stability, Fujikura, and Accra Putter shafts in our fitting matrix but can also get others as special order requests.  


SHAFT FITTING: $75 ($50 applied toward purchase of new shaft)

Putter fitting heads
PXG Putter Fittings
Putter Grips, Superstroke, Putter Fitting Matrix
Upgraded Putter shafts


South Central PGA Section Associate

Trackman University Certified

Capto Putting Certified Level 1 and 2

Eyeline Golf Certified

Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certified

Brands at Indoor 18

Eyeline Golf Oklahoma
Visio Golf Oklahoma
Capto Golf Simulator
Mitchell Putter Loft and Lie
Super Stroke
Trackman 4 Indoor 18


Just like the rest of our business here at Indoor 18, Technology is a major factor in how we operate.  Numbers dont lie, so when we can use numbers to justify changes in the stroke students are able to learn faster and see immediate results.

Putter fittings, OKC putter fitting

Now carrying many 
many training aids
in stock!



Whether you were properly fitted and just need to check specs and have some tweaks made or never even thought about your putter specs, we have the tools to adjust your putter now.  We use industry standard equipment to ensure proper care is taken of your putter every time and precise adjustments are made.  

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