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At Indoor 18, we offer a variety of ways to practice.  Below you will find information about our bays, technology, memberships, and more. 

Trackman Golf Simulator


Considered by many tour professionals to be the best technology available.  We offer Trackman bay rentals for you to use as well.  

To view the course list available click here. 


Trackman Bays....

- Can accommodate up to 4 guests to a bay

- Shot Analysis (Data and Video for practice) 

- 190+ Courses

- Tournament and League Play

- Games (Bullseye, Closest to the Pin, Capture the Flag, Putt Putt, Long Drive)

$50 Per Bay Hour

Full Swing

One of the newest pieces of equipment on the market and backed by Tiger Woods, Full swing is a powerful radar based unit for all your practice needs.  This system is designed for players looking to practice and get numbers.  

Full Swing Bays....

- Can Accommodate up to 2 Guests

- Video analysis down the line

- Currently only have Shot analysis information available.

(Data Includes Club path, Face angle, Ball Speed, Club Speed,  Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Height, Carry, Total, Side Carry, Side Total, Face to Path, Attack Angle, Launch angle, Smash Factor, Horizontal angle.)



$17 - 1/2 Hour

$30 - 1 Hour.

Full Swing Kit Tiger
New Facility.jpg


We are here for you to get better at the game, and one of the best ways is to get access to a facility that can help with that through instruction, technology, practice areas, and putting analysis.  Our membership gives you access to our members only outdoor practice area.  This area features a large putting and chipping green, outdoor hitting stations, and short game practice targets. 

Par Membership

The membership includes the following features.... 

- 3 Hours of Trackman Bay time per month

- Unlimited use of the outdoor area (during our normal business hours only)

- 25% Discount on additional bay time or technology

- Discounts on Club repair services

- 25% Discounts on lessons

- Month to Month Membership

$99 per month

Ace Membership

This membership is for those looking for more practice and options to practice on their own schedule.  This membership is very limited in numbers and allows members to access the Ace Bay 24/7.  This membership has the following details...

- 90 minutes per day access to the Ace Bay

- Allowed 1 guest each visit (No extra charge)

- 24/7 access (weekends and holidays included)

- Outdoor practice area access during business hours

- 25% discount on Bay time in main facility

- Discounts on lessons and club repairs

- 12 Month Contract with early buyout options (If needed)

Contact Steven at for pricing and tour information. 

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