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Indoor 18 Instruction


At Indoor 18 we are focused on helping you improve your golf game.  Whether you are a beginner just looking for a little guidance to get started in the game, or an advanced player looking for a specific improvement for your swing we have the instructors to help you improve.  

Golf Lesson

Full Swing Lessons

We work with multiple instructors to help get you the right coach for your game.  Full swing lessons focus on the majority of clubs in the bag and getting from the tee to the green.  A full swing lesson can be done in any of our bays both Trackman and Full Swing Kits available for lessons.  Prices vary based on instructors so please reach out and we will help get you in touch with an instructor that will best suit your needs.  Lessons start at $75 per Half hour

Putting Lessons

Everyone knows the saying Drive for show Putt for dough.  At Indoor 18 we know how important the short game is and because of that we use a lot of technology to help identify tendencies that may be costing you putts on the course. With our putting lessons we will utilize the Quintic Ball Roll Putting system and our high speed camera system to see what exactly is going on in your putting stroke.  Putting Instruction is available starting at $125 an hour and takes place in our putting studio.  

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