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Club Repairs

No matter the need, we can help when it comes to club repairs.  From installing new shafts into a set of clubs, or new grips for a fresh feel we are here to help.  We offer a wide range of services and have access to almost all major brands of grips and shafts.  

Golf Grips


We offer Re-Gripping services along with supplies.  We will install customer supplied grips or we are happy to help with any of our in stock options or custom order for your set.  Give us a call or come see us to have your set refreshed today.  Most gripping services are completed in 1 day or less.  Single or few grips can be done while you wait.  We have access to all the major brands.  Golf Pride, Winn, Super Stroke, PXG, Envroll, Jumbomax, Flatcat

Loft and Lie

We use only the best in Mitchell Golf.  We have a standard irons loft and lie machine and can make adjustment to forged clubs.  Some cast clubs can be bent, however more restrictions apply.  We also have a digital Mitchell Putter loft and lie machine to make all those fine adjustments to the flat stick.  

Mitchell Golf Loft and Lie machine
LA Golf Shafts


Whether you are ready for a new driver shaft, broke a club on the course, or need a new putter or set of iron shafts installed we can take care of you.  We are full club reshafting services that allow for custom tipping, frequency, or custom ferrules.  We have access to all the major brands from Dynamic Gold, Fujikura, LA Golf, Accra, and beyond.  When it comes to shafts we  can order anything you may be looking to have installed. 

General Repairs

Break a club on the course, need a set cut down or extended, have a rattle in a shaft?  We offer a wide range of repair service for all your clubs.  

Broken Golf Club
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